Saturday, May 21, 2016

Rode the Bruce Freeman Rail Trail today

We took our first bike ride of the season today. It was a little bit of a late state, but the weather was nice and warm in the mid-70s. The skies were overcast but fortunately we didn't have any rain. The trail was pretty well clean and the traffic was light. A beautiful afternoon ride.

The track is up on Google Maps.

The detail data shows we rode for about 1h 35m at an average speed of 9 mph, maxing out at 14 mph. We ascended a total of about 4000′ with a maximum elevation of 184′.

Bruce Freeman Rail Trail

The Bruce Freeman Rail Trail is a great 14 mile ride. The Friends of the Bruce Freeman Rail Trail have a great blog with trail updates.

We like to start our ride at the parking lot at the Crosspoint building in Chelmsford. Starting here, the trail generally goes up, it’s a very gradual rise in elevation. But the nice thing is that coming back the trail is downhill most of the way!

Ride History

DateMilesMoving TimeAvg. SpeedMap
1May 22141 h 35 m9 mphTrack